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Version 2.1.4

tomChord gets the chords from any song in your music library or from the microphone in real time. Stop searching guitar tabs sites and get tomChord now!

  • Gives the chord and key information of the song to help you play along
  • Advanced harmonic algorithms provide up to 95% accuracy in ideal conditions
  • Comes with a guitar and piano chords library
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later. iOS 4.0 or higher is recommended.

Load songs directly from iPod library.

Real time Chord Detection

The Key of the song.

This program gets the right chords everytime..It's the app I've been waiting for for a long time!! Absolutely brilliant and really handy when you can't get to the Internet to find chords.

- MDPavros

It nailed every chord I was playing in milliseconds, and seems to do a pretty good job picking up the chords from tunes on the iPad. I am overall impressed.

- Robert Hanline

It's a great tool for budding/inexperienced musicians and weekend warriors alike.

- Jason Fanguy

Just perfect - This has been brilliant for me to use in conjunction with my TC HELICON Voiceworks. I can now set the key on the Voiceworks realtime during a gig after tomChord detects the key. Brilliant

- Soundasaurus
How does tomChord work?

tomChord uses advanced harmonic algorithms to extract musical information from audio data.

How accurate is tomChord?

This depends on many factors. tomChord works best on songs where the harmony can be heard easily. In ideal conditions accuracy is 95%

What inputs does it support?

tomChord supports both microphone input and songs from your iPod library.

Need a Tuner?

Checkout Guitar Tuner - Chromatic. It's free!

Or our web tuner:

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tomChord 2.1.3

Released on 13/06/11
  • Fixed a bug that caused only the first half of songs to be analyzed

tomChord 2.1

Released on 18/03/11
  • Added iPod library support!
  • Slow down the song to hear every note
  • Navigate to any point in the song for playback

tomChord 2.0

Released on 29/01/11
  • A new algorithm allows tomChord to run in real time with a 4x faster refresh rate.
  • A volume control allows filtering of background noise and increased accuracy!
  • An improved user interface with new intuitive controls and results as well as HD iPhone 4 retina graphics.
  • Piano Major and Minor chords added
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